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balto flexor hock brace for canines on dog
balto flexor hock brace for canines
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balto flexor hock brace for canines product only
Balto® Flexor Brace

Balto® Flexor Brace

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The Balto® Flexor is carefully designed to stabilize severe lameness and neuromuscular problems. It is ideal for pet patients post-surgically or who need customized restriction of joint movement for conditions such as:

  • Tendinopathy of the common calcaneal tendon
  • Tendinopathy of the medial and lateral collateral ligament and long plantar ligament
  • Tarsus instability
  • Subluxation or dislocation of the tarsal joint
  • Reconstruction surgery that requires progressive rehabilitation of tarsal flexion-extension
  • Achilles tendon injury and/or rupture

The Balto Flexor can be used as an alternative to surgery if your dog is not eligible for other options, such as age or previous injuries. The brace is designed to constrain joint movement while allowing an adequate R.O.M., functioning as a rehabilitation support. The Balto Flexor is considered as a conservative treatment in case of ligament injuries, laxity, and neurological disorders, such as hyperflexion or hyperextension, and general tarsal joint instability.


  • width and length adjustable Velcro® straps
  • two sections of comfortable padding which can be lengthened or shortened on the leg, ensuring an excellent fit
  • adjustable range of motion
  • additional compression from padding in brace
  • high quality, breathable fabric
XS-S 8-10 cm 10-15 kg
M-L 10-14 cm 15-45 kg
XL-XXL 14-18 cm over 45 kg

Measurement: Measure the disance between the center of the tarsus and the base of the metatarsus.

  • Allow up to two weeks for your pet to fully accept the brace
  • Wear the brace for 30 minutes a day, increasing 30 minutes each day after, for up to 12 hours
  • Consult your veterinarian for specific instructions on when to wear your brace
  • Remove the brace when your animal sleeps at night, unless otherwise directed by your veterinarian
  • Inspect your pet for signs of skin irritation. If any are present, contact your veterinarian
  • In addition to wiping the brace clean, keep skin and fur that comes into contact with the brace clean
  • Inspect your brace regularly for any damage